www.racheltuggle.com- Having a consistent quiet time can be a constant battle! Check out the ways that I back into my daily quiet time habit when I get in a funk.

What to do when you Struggle with your Quiet Time


Do you ever have days, weeks even, when your quiet time just is not where you want it to be? It lacks passion or depth or doesn’t really exist at all. You sit down and try to study your Bible, but you just really aren’t feeling it?

Trust me, we’ve all been there. So at least you are not alone.

Personally, I have been in this place of a blegh quiet time several times over the past year. And if you’ve been there, you know that it’s not a fun place to be!! I was unhappy, not at peace, skipping quiet times and missing God, and just feeling like I was sinking.

Luckily, Christ has always brought me out of it and taught me a few lessons along the way.

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned that improved my time spent with Him! Grab a coffee and settle in.

www.racheltuggle.com- Having a consistent quiet time can be a constant battle! Check out the ways that I back into my daily quiet time habit when I get in a funk.


Recently I realized that, while a quiet time is important to have on a daily basis, it is not the only part of my relationship with Christ. I do not have to sit and pray about everything I have on my prayer list at one time. I can pray throughout the day and spend time with God anywhere. If I need to I can read some in the morning and then some at night. If I miss a day here and there, my relationship with God is not in complete crisis mode. There is more than one way to spend time with Christ.

This relieved so much pressure for me! I constantly felt like I must sit and have the perfect quiet time each and every day or I was doing the whole relationship-with-God thing wrong. But, that just isn’t true! So, if you are suffering from perfectionism like me, get some relief in knowing that a daily quiet time is not the only part of your relationship with God.


Sometimes I get into the middle of my quiet time and I realize that I am completely wrapped up in “doing” my quiet time. I pray, I read my Bible, I work on my memorization verses. Suddenly, I am at the end, and I haven’t heard from God at all. I forgot to seek Him with all my heart (Jeremiah 29:13). God typically can’t be found when you aren’t looking for Him. If your relationship with your significant other becomes a ritual where it’s more about the good morning kiss, having breakfast together, etc. than spending time together, your significant other is going to become upset pretty quickly. It’s the same principle in your relationship with the Lord.

Remember that the how doesn’t matter as much as the why. Spend time with God out of love-not habit.


Sometimes, it’s just easy to fall into a pattern of doing everything the same way and getting bored. If you ate the same food every day for a year, you would probably get bored of that, too. But, does that mean all food is bad? Of course not! You just need to switch it up a little bit! Try having your quiet time in a new place, like the local coffee shop. Try having it at night instead of in the morning. The possibilities are endless!

I used to feel super guilty if I switched up my Bible study plan by switching to a new book of the Bible when I was in the middle of one. But, I’ve realized that it is better to get out of the funk I am in and get back on track with my relationship with Christ than it is to worry about completing a book at a time. Besides, you can always go back to that book and finish it.


My last tip is pretty simple. Find someone else who is wanting to have a more consistent/ passionate/ effective/ etc. quiet time and partner up to stay on track! You can make it simple and just text each other weekly to see how your quiet times are going or you meet every couple of days to discuss what you are learning! (One warning: make sure that the person you are partnering up with is dedicated and truly wants to grow in their walk with the Lord.)


I hope that these tips are helpful for you in your relationship with Christ! I would love to hear what does or does not work for you in your quiet times! God bless!



  1. Love this post… very helpful. Cannot wait to see some of your other post!

    1. rctuggle

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed.

  2. I know I had a really hard time in the beginning, I could NOT sit down and read my Bible, I would basically fall asleep. Now I can’t wait. It’s become such a habit and fills me with so much hope, I don’t feel right when I don’t have my quiet time. That said, it’s easy to get into a slump or get busy and not make time so your tips are GREAT!

    1. rctuggle

      Thanks! I’m so glad they’re helpful for you!

  3. absolutely understand. Nothing like cozying up to the Lord and a million things start running through your mind.

    1. rctuggle

      I know! Isn’t that the worst feeling? Focus is definitely something I need to work on!

  4. Carmen

    Great tips, especially finding an accountability partner! Not always easy to do, but importamt!

    1. rctuggle


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