www.racheltuggle.com- Time management is a balancing act that will never end. But, organizing your time will help you manage time. Come learn how to organize your time with me!Life Thoughts, Observations, Organization, Personal Struggles, Planning, Simplify Your Life, Time Management, Time Management Tips

Organize Your Time– A New Series

Happy Monday everyone!! Is anyone else in total shock that this is the last week in January? Because I could swear to you that the new year just started. Isn’t that how it always works? Time passes before you are even aware of it. That really hit home to me last Thursday during a sermon I heard. My college pastor …

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www.racheltuggle.com- Last month I took a mission trip to Chancay, Peru. It changed me in more ways than I thought possible. Check out my post to find out some of what I learned!Faith, Life Thoughts, Observations, Personal Struggles, Thoughts about Faith, Walking Worthy

What I Learned on my Mission Trip to Peru

So, last month I took a mission trip to Chancay, Peru for a week. (Check out my post about going to Peru here.) I was super excited but also very aware that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I attended the training sessions and packed my bags, ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime. …

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www.racheltuggle.com- Most people would say they need to be more organized. But finding the right planner is hard! Check out my post to help you find your perfect type of planner.Planning, Time Management, Uncategorized

4 Types of Planners: a Planner for Every Person

Hello, everyone! I’ve been offline for a little bit for Thanksgiving, but I’m back! You may not know yet, but I am a huge planner addict   lover. I love to bullet journal, because it helps me stay organized. But, I have heard a lot of people in the planning world (namely Facebook and Instagram) who aren’t the biggest fans of bullet …

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www.racheltuggle.com- As Christians, we are called to a higher standard. How we respond to the election is no exception. Check out what we should do after the election here.Faith, Life Thoughts, Observations, Walking Worthy

Four Things to do After the Election

I’m sure all of you reading this blog know that one of the most historic elections in history occurred last Tuesday. If not, here is your memo. Election season is over! Hallelujah (because seriously it’s been over a year of 24/7 election coverage). But many are asking the question- what do we do after the election? (Now, just know that …

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Magazine Review: Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman

Ladies, I am so excited to bring what will probably be my favorite new magazine! This is the very first issue of Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman, a magazine that is full of great content. There are articles on faith, recipes, personal struggles, modesty, influence, and plenty more. Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman will be published quarterly. You can buy a digital …

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www.racheltuggle.com- Are you feeling overwhelmed by the state of your house? Is it always messy? Check out my blog post on how to clean your house in ten minutes or less.Declutter Your Space, Organization, Organize Your Stuff, Simplify Your Life

How to Clean your House in Ten Minutes or Less

Can you relate with this situation? This week I lost my office keys. Again. I had absolutely no idea where they could be, and I was completely stressed out about finding them. Until I found them in my purse. A month before that I lost my press pass (I’m a reporter.) Thankfully, I found that too. But, I’ve lost so …

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