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Living through Seasons of Change

ToEveryone knows that finishing up college and moving into full-blown adulthood is a total life change. But, honestly that knowledge is not the same as living through the change. Basically, it’s life update time.

In December 2017, I married the love of my life and my high school sweetheart. I moved out of my parents’ house (because who spends $40,000 to live in a dorm ten miles from your house?) for the first time with no option of going back. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time.

In the spring of 2018, I had a reaction to some steroids for my asthma that caused my anxiety medication to quit working for months. That was hard and also not the way I hoped to start a marriage. But, you know what? We totally survived, and I know that I can completely depend on my sweet husband.

In May, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in technical writing. Another exciting and humongous change. I can get used to life with no homework!

During college, I worked part time for one of the local newspapers in my hometown. When I graduated, I moved to full time news editor of the paper. And discovered that journalism is not what God had for me. Yikes. Also, I needed a job that made a lot more (I love small town businesses, but I also would love having insurance you know?). Sweet husband is going back to school in 2019, and he needs to be able to cut back to part time.

So, this week I started brand new job number two. I work in the Honors College of the university I just graduated from in May.Today I sit in an office that I used to visit for advising and help with classes. In some ways, I feel a bit like I’ve come full circle, and I really like it. I know that I am now where God has me. That’s exciting too.

Change is exciting and dangerous and scary and wonderful all at the same time (Did I mention we are moving in September?). Sometimes you feel God in the middle of the change, and sometimes you don’t. But, honey, if you’re in the middle of change, let me tell you something.

You’re going to be okay. 

Not because you are strong or beautiful or brave or smart or funny. But, you see, Jesus has a plan for us here on earth. As long as we hang onto him in the midst of change, we are going to be alright. If we let go, we will still be alright because it’s never too late to grab back on. Besides, even if we accidentally let go, Jesus never does.



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