www.racheltuggle.com- Are you feeling overwhelmed by the state of your house? Is it always messy? Check out my blog post on how to clean your house in ten minutes or less.
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How to Clean your House in Ten Minutes or Less

Can you relate with this situation? This week I lost my office keys. Again. I had absolutely no idea where they could be, and I was completely stressed out about finding them. Until I found them in my purse. A month before that I lost my press pass (I’m a reporter.) Thankfully, I found that too. But, I’ve lost so much time over the years to looking for things that I shouldn’t have lost.

Or maybe you are with me on this one. Someone comes over unexpectedly and your room/ house/ apartment is a complete mess. You feel embarrassed and- oh my word!- my underwear is in that load of laundry on the couch!

Both of these situations are stressful, and no one ever wants to be in one. But, if we are truthful with ourselves, these scenarios happen way more than we would ever admit out loud. Some of us may have just closed our eyes in embarrassment because, for us, that is just normal. And not in a good way.

But ladies, I have found a solution, and it’s not even that hard to do!

www.racheltuggle.com- Are you feeling overwhelmed by the state of your house? Is it always messy? Check out my blog post on how to clean your house in ten minutes or less.


I’d love to tell you I remember where I first saw this, but I totally don’t. Just know that this idea was not plucked straight out of my own head. It’s on the Internet somewhere. (I just Googled it, and there are a thousand different variations of this.)

Basically, you pick one room or area to focus on, and you set the timer for ten minutes. Then, you only clean for that ten minutes. You are not allowed to do anything else. You also can’t move to another room or area unless you finish that one.

Just to prove how simple this technique is, I let my room get messy and then took before and after photos of cleaning it!


sam_3790 sam_3791 sam_3794

Unfortunately, my room looks like this a lot. But, I have found that the more time I spend on focused –cleaning instead of halfway-cleaning-while-I’m-doing-something-else the less often I have to clean. It’s a weird paradox, but one that I am completely okay with.


sam_3796 sam_3797

So, I started by cleaning off my bed and making it, so that I could pile anything there that I needed to while I cleaned other areas (temporarily of course!). Then I moved from area to area, like you can see in the photos, until I was done! It was easy!

You know what the best part was? It didn’t even take a full ten minutes. I could have moved on to another area with time to spare!


So if you are sick of how untidy your house is, start small by trying out this method. I promise you will see results and fast! Here are a couple of quick tips as you get started:

  • Start with an area where you need a quick win.
  • Only put things away. Don’t try to dust or vacuum. This is purely a tidying exercise.
  • Do this once a day every day for a couple of weeks to see the best results.
  • If you need to, feel free to do it twice a day.
  • Have some fun with it! See if you can beat your personal record or race a family member. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag!

That’s all I have for you this Friday! If you try this out, please leave a comment below and let me know how it goes for you! I’d also love to hear what tips you have for keeping your house clean!

See you Monday and God bless!



  1. Such great tips! I mean…I’m sold!
    Maria recently posted…My Unspoken Grief (of Dad)My Profile

    1. rctuggle

      Thank you!!

  2. Wow! Great tips. You can not beat 10 mins or less! Thank you
    Starla Jimenez recently posted…Thirsty: How to Stay RefreshedMy Profile

    1. rctuggle

      You really can’t!! If only I could get it down to five!!

  3. Great tip! I use this with my kids from time to time. They get overwhelmed by “clean your room,” but can handle working on it for a limited period of time.
    Kelly R Smith recently posted…What I Know to Be True About CharacterMy Profile

    1. rctuggle

      Thank you! Hopefully it will work well when I have kids one day!

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