www.racheltuggle.com- Most people would say they need to be more organized. But finding the right planner is hard! Check out my post to help you find your perfect type of planner.

4 Types of Planners: a Planner for Every Person

Hello, everyone! I’ve been offline for a little bit for Thanksgiving, but I’m back! You may not know yet, but I am a huge planner addict   lover. I love to bullet journal, because it helps me stay organized. But, I have heard a lot of people in the planning world (namely Facebook and Instagram) who aren’t the biggest fans of bullet journaling. Which is totally cool. This system is definitely not for everyone! So, for all of you planner lovers out there, here are four different types of planners that work for different people.

****This post contains affiliate links. This just means that if you buy something from one of my links, I will make a small commission. This is at no extra charge to you! I only link to products and brands that I believe are quality items.****

www.racheltuggle.com- Most people would say they need to be more organized. But finding the right planner is hard! Check out my post to help you find your perfect type of planner.

“Designer” Planners

Examples: Erin Condren , Lilly Pullitzer , Day Designer, Happy Planner, Kate Spade

Description: The first of our types of planners are the designers. These are the massive planners for those of us who adore organization for the sake of organization. These planners usually have monthly and weekly/daily spreads, along with plenty of extra pages for special dates, notes, quotes, and even horoscopes! They are also the “pretty planners” that come in different colors with lots of patterns. Some are coil bound. Some come in leather folders or binders. You can add little extras to a lot of them with tools like coil clips. And there are stickers galore! Basically, the sky is the limit with designer planners.
If you would like to see some different designer planners, check out this comparison blog post or this video comparing E.C. to Lilly Pulitzer.

Pros: Plenty of space, pretty, colorful, very structured, lots of “extras”

Cons: Usually very bulky, expensive, very structured (can feel boxed in). I used an Erin Condren planner for several months and loved it, but I just could not make all of the different boxes work for me. I was also a little intimidated by the prettiness!

Who would love these planners: The extremely organized, those who love pretty planners, people who have a lot on their plate, long-time planners (*** I do not recommend these for beginning planners. It’s best to learn your style and what you like before shelling out the big bucks.)

“Basic” Planners

Examples:  AT-A-GLANCE , DayMinder , anything you can find at your local office supply store

Description: These planners remind me of the simpler days as junior high and high school students, when everything fit in one small box. I adored picking out my planner at Walmart every year. Most stores have a huge variety of options these days. You can definitely find one that works for you. These planners have daily views, weekly views, monthly views, and plenty of other options. A lot of these planners are designed for professionals with a space for each hour of the day- or at least nine to five. They vary from pocket to desk size and usually come in multiple colors. They are usually wire-bound.

Pros: Cheap, simple, thinner than the designer planners, available at most office supply or grocery stores

Cons: Not very pretty, can have poorly designed spreads, limited space, no extras

Who would love these planners: Students, beginning planners, people who aren’t ready to commit to a certain style of planner, people who combine with technology or bullet journals to stay organized, people who like simplicity

Technology Planners

Examples: Evernote, Google Calendar, iCal, OneNote, different organizational software

Description: There are so many different types of planners within this category that I am only going to cover the basics. There are tons of free apps out there that have calendars, to do lists, reminders, habit trackers, and other cool features. You can go wild with this category- anything is possible.

Pros: Free (or cheap usually), portable, syncs to different locations, user friendly. If you don’t like it, you can always try another one.

Cons:  Glitches, lack of Internet access or cell service, can drain phone/device battery, easy to be distracted by other apps (**If you are a student and not allowed to have your phone out in class, you at least need to have a notebook where you write down class assignments)

Who would love these planners: people who love technology, people who have a lot on their plate

Bullet Journal

Example: traveler’s notebook, Moleskine , Leuchtturm1917 , any notebook will do (I love this brand!)

Description: This system is best described by Ryder Caroll, who created the bullet journal. Check out his video here. It can be used in any notebook and can basically be whatever you need it to be. The bullet journal is a way to organized events and tasks in a way that makes sense to you. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple.
For more information or inspiration, check out Boho Berry and Tiny Ray of Sunshine. You can also check up my bullet journal setup here.

Pros: Flexible, cheap, can be used for anything, can find what works for you

Cons: Have to create your own spreads, time commitment (even if you have simple spreads)

Who would love these planners: people who are picky about their planners (me!), want lots of flexibility (also me!), are creative, need lots of space, have a lot on their plate

What kind of planner do you use?

****I pulled this post from my old blog, Organized Imperfection. This post is my own writing.***


  1. Deborah Glover

    I’m just beginning a Bujo and am looking for ideas and information

    1. rctuggle

      Awesome!! I have several posts around the blog and over on my Youtube channel. Let me know if I can help!

    2. Deborah Glover

      Thanks I love using a mini binder because I have the flexibility to be able to add and remove pages, also change things up too.I can create what I want!

  2. Deborah Glover

    Thanks for the email. I use a mini binder and love it because I can add or remove pages, change things, etc. I also can create what I want

  3. Shelly

    I was hoping there would be a middle ground between super expensive designer planners and basic office supply store planners. And can I please get some pockets!

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