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When the Well Runs Dry


Sometimes, life just gets the best of you. The chaos- both real and in your head- takes over, and you just fall off the wagon. So to speak. (Although I never plan on riding in any kind of wagon, if we are being perfectly honest.) You fall off the wagon of faith, and you fall hard.

I’m talking. Flat. On. Your. Back. I. Messed. Up. Where. Is. God. What am I doing wrong?

At this point, you really have two choices. You can keep laying there and wait to get run over by another wagon. Or you can feebly roll over and start getting back up.

I don’t know about you, but I would so much rather get back up than get hit by a wagon.

This blog is about my journey of getting back up when life bowls you over. Sometimes it’s caused by something small, sometimes by something catastrophically huge. It really doesn’t matter. We’ve all been on our backs for plenty of reasons.

I hope you’ll join me.

God bless.

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