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Organize Your Time: Create a Weekly Schedule

Today, we are continuing in the Organize Your Time series. Last time, we talked about making lists. This week is all about the weekly schedule! Now that you have your to do lists, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all that you have to do. And the tasks and appointments and activities just keep coming week after week. You never …

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How to Organize Your Time: Make Lists

  Happy Monday everyone!! Today is the first post in my Organize your Time series (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hop on over to this post.), and I could not be more excited. Today is the most important post in the series, and we are talking about lists!! Specifically, we will talk about four different kinds of …

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Organize Your Time– A New Series

Happy Monday everyone!! Is anyone else in total shock that this is the last week in January? Because I could swear to you that the new year just started. Isn’t that how it always works? Time passes before you are even aware of it. That really hit home to me last Thursday during a sermon I heard. My college pastor …

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