www.racheltuggle.com-- Feel like you are stuck in a spiritual rut? Sometimes the craziest things can put us back in the pit of sin-- like self help books. What are you struggling with?Faith, Recommended Reads

Why I Quit Reading Self Help Books

I’ve been stuck in a rut lately—spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Yes, part of it is definitely from my heavy course load this semester (seriously—two literature, two writing intensives, and a philosophy course! What was I thinking?). But, honestly, I can handle that. I can handle the time management and the work load. That’s not the problem. My problems this …

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Recommended Reads

Magazine Review: Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman

Ladies, I am so excited to bring what will probably be my favorite new magazine! This is the very first issue of Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman, a magazine that is full of great content. There are articles on faith, recipes, personal struggles, modesty, influence, and plenty more. Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman will be published quarterly. You can buy a digital …

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